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Frequently Asked Questions

The game is pretty complex, we'd really appreciate your help in adding to the Frequently Asked Questions and anything else on the wiki that you think would be helpful to new users!

Where do I start?

Wild Wrangler has a in-game tutorial that you can follow along. For all other issues, check out the Forums to ask if it's not answered here. (Also if your new & just about to start, when given the option to turn in catches, avoid doing so & keep casting & leveling until your bucket's 95-100% full! You'll thank me later! Jeyd0 (talk))

How do I get more gold?

1) Completing many of the goals on the left side of the screen can earn you gold. Click to check & see! TIP: This is probably where your first gold will come from, so pay attention to goals as they appear!

2) Search with a explorer! The collectibles yield the most gold, but beware not to check too often!

3) Many insects, crabs and animals will have milestones that also earn you gold.

4) Gold can also be purchased for Pearls.

5) Mystery boxes can give you gold.

Where do I find Explorers/How do I use them?

1a) To hire an explorer go to Seamyst Village, click on the Ole Shoppe and then click on the Wild explorer (more types will be unlocked to hire later).

b) Explorers will use food to hire them, upgrade, and also some when they're used to search. You can which is earned by turning in catches. Most collection sets are worth gold too!

c) Explorers will often find collectibles which are worth gold & points, but will miss some items if they have low knowledge or the luck doesn't work. Higher leveled or More adept explorers will obtain higher knowledge collectibles that yield more gold and more points!

d) Buying tech will help your Wild Explorers by raising knowledge and luck. Tech costs food too, but lasts once bought. Be sure you can afford the Explorer's cost first before deciding on which type of tech to purchase. Native & Strong Explorers can't use tech and thus have NO EXTRA LUCK factor nor BONUS KNOWLEDGE (perhaps they will be given their own form of "ancient tech" later on as the game progresses).

e) For a list of Explorers, go HERE!

How do I get more food?

1) Catches made by your Crab Pots & Land Trapping are put into your bucket. They can be turned in later for food.

2) Food can also be purchased for Pearls.

3) Some of the goals @ the left side of the screen yield food when completed. Click to check & see!

4) Mystery boxes can give you food.

How long is a "day" in Wild Wrangler?

Game "days" are eight real-world hours long, consisting of four periods of two hours each: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Midnight.


  • Morning: Coffee Mug Time morning.png
  • Afternoon: Sun Time afternoon.png
  • Evening: Yellow Crescent Moon Time evening.png
  • Midnight: Blue Crescent Moon Time night.png

The current time period is shown in the upper-right corner of the village sign (top center of screen). Mouse over the coffee mug/sun/moon icon in this area if you need a reminder of what it means.

Daily bonuses are awarded every 24 real-world hours, at 01:00 Eastern Time.

Why does the time of "day" matter?

Some crabs and animals can be caught only during certain periods of the "day."

Diurnal Creatures (can be caught only during Morning/Afternoon (Time morning.png/Time afternoon.png))


  • Flattop Crab (Starlight Beach)
  • Centi Crab (Starlight Beach)
  • Seamyst King Crab (Starlight Beach)


  • Carpenter Ant (Hand of Sun)--AFTERNOON ONLY
  • Twocan (Hand of Sun)

Nocturnal Creatures (can be caught only during Evening/Midnight (Time evening.png/Time night.png))


  • Sea Stone Crab (Wrecked Reef)
  • Coral Crab (Starlight Beach)
  • Spider Shell Crab (Starlight Beach)


  • Octo Scorpion (Raging River)
  • Carpenter Ant (Hand of Sun)--EVENING ONLY
  • Goggle Monkey (Hand of Sun)
  • Klipspringer (Hand of Sun)

Note that the Carpenter Ant can be caught only in the Afternoon/Evening (Time afternoon.png/Time evening.png).

Also note, there are currently 3 creatures that need soak times of 1, 4, and 8 hours to soak and a high strength also.

Advanced Techniques

Buckets, and Pots, and Traps? Oh my!! - Help!!

1) Catches can be turned into food at any time. However, you will spend 1 energy when it's below 95%, but it's free between 95-100%. This game mechanic is so catches aren't turned in each cast. Beware and pay attention to your bucket & soaking time, as you can lose catches when it is too full (auto @ 100%!)

2) To purchase new equipment, go to Seamyst Village and click on the Ole Shoppe. Then click on the equipment type you want to purchase! (Crab Pots and Land Traps cost gold to purchase & upgrade)

3) Bag & Bucket upgrades are also available to purchase for a expensive cost up to Bucket IV. This is worth investing in as some soaking can lead to catches of over 50lbs! You start out at 25 lb & can increase currently to a amount of 93.75 lb. I believe there's 4 bags and 4 buckets.

4) You can only legally use what you have a license for. You can hold up to 3+ of each type in storage, for a total of 9. So a total of 18+ (different Traps + Pots) is recommended, as some catches can ONLY be caught using that type of equipment. (like the Horseshoe Crab)

5) The max license is 3 so using more adds risk. Be careful not to leave too many out also, as crew trips can also end up in it becoming damaged or stolen.

6) For a list of Crab Nets, go HERE! ; For a list of Animal Traps, go HERE!

How do you damage your equipment?

First, you need to have at least 4 energy (but can be up to 16).

1) Make sure your net/trap is in a Safe/Shallow area that only costs 1 energy.

2) Use PULL NOW! Hurry to step 3! (1st energy is used to get a temporary check timer going.)

3) Now IMMEDIATELY close out the catch message, and PULL NOW again. (Future steps now repeat!)

(Note: If it says "Check in 3 secs... 2 secs.." then your fine. But if it says "Check NOW!" then it's already too late, and you'll need start over again from beginning (#1).

4) Close catch message again quickly, and click "Check in 3 secs..." again.. (You should notice it says "Weak for 29 minutes" underneath this message in Orange. If not, go back to step 1.

5) Close the catch message again, you'll see it now says "Weak for 59 mins" in Red. Click "Check in 3 secs..." aka PULL NOW, and you'll break your crab pot. You will fix it with gold then wait or may use Pearls to accelerate the process.

Ok, I seem to got it. But what do Pearls do & how can I get more?

First, Wild Wrangler is a free game, but Pearls are currently are only thing that can be bought in the game with real world currency. Buying Pearls helps to contribute to Wild Wrangler too, so more things will be made (or even faster at times) in the future. While are mainly a premium purchase, there are some ways to get rewarded with them for free, so don't give up!

Second, Unlike buying RLC though in it's big brother game Fish Wrangler, purchasing Pearls isn't a subscription service and currently don't have any monthly or bonus perks associated with them. Wild Wrangler is a very new game at the time, so as more new players come to play & others who support it, the more likely the new content will give way to better benefits from it. (Example: Having a boat to do crabbing or hunt animals from remote islands)

You can earn pearls through: 1) Making referrals that are accepted by new players.

2) Every time you level up, you earn 1 pearl.

3) Buying them at the House of Pearls

4) Some benchmarks in the achievements area, like unique treasure sets completed.

5) Extremely rare - You can earn 2 or more when opening a MTB (Mystery Tackle Box).

Lastly, Pearls help do special things you otherwise couldn't do, like to help speed things up to buy or upgrade, or if you break equipment or exhaust a explorer to cut down the recovery time. With the recent change, 12 pearls are the only way to change time of day besides waiting patiently. Upgrades cost usually 1 pearl per 5 minutes saved. They can also help change the time of day, buy extra food, gold, or energy, and also one pearl can be used to buy Mystery Tackle Boxes, which may yield multiple pearls when opened!

What are Deckhand/Crew Checks?

As long as you log in once each day, you get free periodic "checks" of your nets and traps by deckhands and your crew. These are done automatically by the game itself. You don't need to do anything to get them. In fact, you don't even need to be online.

Crew Checks occur when someone in your crew is online and checking their own nets or pots. If you haven't received Crew Check during the previous hour, the game has this crew member "check" your nets and pots for you, putting an extra creature in your bucket for free ... or missing the catch entirely.

Deckhand Checks are like Crew Checks, except that they occur every two hours and only if you have had no Crew Checks. So, if you have a small crew or no crew at all, you will still get these extra potential catches, just not as frequently.

  • These checks do not actually empty your nets or traps, so your soak/wait bonuses are not affected.
  • You are also performing these checks for your crew members.
  • Checks occur whether you are online or not.
  • When you receive a check, you will get a notification telling you what you caught and the person who helped you.
  • When you perform a check for a crew member, you will be told that you "Helped a friend" (or several friends!).
  • It costs you and your crew members nothing to make these checks for someone else.
  • No energy is expended to receive a Deckhand or Crew Check, but it does use decrement whichever bait your have currently equipped in your net or trap, so always make sure you have enough extra bait.
  • Currently, these catches do not go toward quests.
  • Pro Tip: These additional creatures are added to your bucket, so make sure you have enough room in your bucket before you log off!
  • Pro Tip: Adding to your members to your crew increases the chances of getting a Crew Check every hour, simply because you're more likely to have a crew member online and checking their own nets and traps every hour. You can improve your odds by adding crew members from different time zones.

What is a One-Of-A-Kind (OAK) crab/animal?

One-Of-A-Kind crabs and animals (also known as OAKs) are rare variations of the standard creatures in Wild Wrangler. They might be oddly colored, have stripes, or have a strange mutation.

One-Of-A-Kind creatures are worth 10 times the points of their standard counterparts, but they are exchanged for the same amount of food.

For a list of OAKs, go HERE!

How do I catch a One-Of-A-Kind crab/animal?

One-Of-A-Kind crabs and animals are caught just like any other creature in Wild Wrangler - by checking pots and traps. They're just much rarer, and in some cases are extremely rare. Usually, the more people that are casting in a area, the more often those types are to be caught. (There's also a goal to catch a 1 of a kind, so you will see many people who have a Tar Sticky Snake, a Purple Claw Crab and/or a Striped Horseshoe Crab.)

You can improve your chances of catching one by 10 times by checking your pots and traps when it's raining. To find out when it's raining, click any of the islands tabs or check in with the chief in Seamyst Village. You can also click here to look at the rain, view any of the town's treasures/crabs/animals, and travel!

When it's raining, you'll be able to see rain on the screen and a droplet icon Time raining.png will appear in the upper right of the village sign (top center of the screen). To find out how long the rain will last, click the droplet or check back with the chief.

My license is maxed at three of each. What I buy more?

You might have seen buttons like these when you went to go buy more than 3 of something:

  • 3 Land Traps Max! Sell a Land Trap or risk losing one?
  • 3 Crab Pots Max! Sell a Crab Pot or risk losing one? Lv Y Reqs: Z gold & takes Z mins Risk & Purchase?
  • 3 Explorers Max! Relieve an Explorer or risk losing one? Lv Y Reqs: Z food, Z food per check & takes Z hrs. Risk & Hire?

You click (land trap for example) to see what it does and get something like this:

Land Trap License Max of 3 (have X) You'll risk losing a Land Trap when you're over your limit. You can Sell a Land Trap to get under the limit. Lv Y Reqs: Z gold & takes Z mins Risk & Purchase?

Currently, these are the maximums your licensed to have out with no penalties. While you've seen only 3 spots for Explorers, there's 3 in each location for a total of 12. And there is always 4 or 7 spots for the equipment. Why is that? For future developments?

Well, it's definitely not the amount you can OWN, which may or might not have a limit. However, your only put at a risk when you have your equipment out. So you will only risk any one of your equipment when you have one of that type out. So if you own 6 Land Trap, 9 Explorers, and 3 Crab Pots but only put out 3 Explorers, 3 Crab Pots, and 4 Land Traps out, then you only risk the Land Traps and not the others.

The rate at which it occurs is currently unknown. It might be random. And it won't happen either every cast. So here's where the game gets interesting, as you can lose a random trap you have whether it's out or in your inventory. Usually it's one that's out, but you might be using a Kelp Net, and a Lucky Basket gets broken. Risks are up to the players who wish to use them or don't - so make sure you have enough to purchase what you need though.

AC/CA, OAK, What are these abbreviations?

As we can't call them fish like we can in it's sister game Fish Wrangler, we have to give them a short name or abbreviation. Catches works, but is also too broad as there's different types of crabs and animals. None of these are official yet, but not a lot of slang is. This makes it easier to grasp though.

  • Anis = Animals
  • AC/CA = Anis/Crabs or Crabs/Anis
  • OAK = One of A Kind type or catch
  • Wilds = The inhabitants on the island, people (including you) to include crabs & anis. So you can call them that too.

What are these House of Pearls extras?

  • You can also get energy refill for 1000 food/1000 gold x4 a day.
  • You can also get it x4 a day for 6 pearls each.
  • You can get 1100/6000 food for 20/100 pearls. (Note: While expensive, a player who has many pearls, can easily jump up the leaderboard for these.)
  • House of Pearls Inn Room (Currently: Time of Day) Take a nap in the House of Pearls Inn, you may have different chances at crabs and treasures at different times of the day. Rewards: 2 hours of sleep Reqs: 12 pearls & Limit of 4/day

Changing Time, Time of day is different then the nocturnal or diurnal Quest AC I need. What can I do?

Perhaps it's the time just changed, it's already past it, or it's not yet time for a catch. And you don't have time to wait around.

So if you have somewhere to be: be it work, school, sleep, don't want to wait hours to catch certain CAs. There's two options of what to do:

Go to the House of Pearls Inn Room by clicking the Pearl icon Pearl re t20 center-1.png on the top the screen, just to the right of the village name and see if you wish to pay to take a nap. It currently costs a whopping 12 pearls to advance the clock by two hours (one period of the "day"). You can do this up to four times each real-world day. While this may seem expensive to be the only option besides waiting for some, it has many extra benefits besides just a 2 hr time change & double the cost of a 6 pearl energy refill that are listed below.

A Nap:

  • Completely refills your energy.
  • Adds two hours to the soak time of your crab pots
  • Adds two hours to the wait time time of your traps
  • Adds two hours to the wait time of your explorers
  • Reduces the rain timer by two hours
  • Reduces the wait time of your purchases by two hours
  • Advances the game clock to the next time period.


It's Morning in the game. You want to catch Octo Scorpions in Raging River, but you don't want to wait up to four hours for Evening. Go to the House of Pearls Inn Room twice - once to change it to Afternoon, and again to advance the clock to Evening. (Note: Make sure you use all your 6 energy first, as you won't obtain more than 6!) Total cost: 24 pearls.

You can also find out when the next time of day will be by looking at the specific catch & the hours it will be ready, or see them listed on the equipment your using.

Some Mystery Boxes also have a Clock, called Reduced Waits. These speed up time for you to get more energy, but adds time to the game clock.

  • Advancing the game clock - Keep in mind that using the House of Pearls or Mystery Boxes will REDUCE the time if it's currently raining. If you want to be able to catch, try to do BEFORE or AFTER, to avoid doing this during the RAIN hours.

What is a Mystery Box?

Mystery Boxes contain random game resources such as energy, pearls, red love bait, and clock advances. They're one of the advantages of having crew members, since they can send them to you for free.

How do I get a Mystery Box?

You can receive Mystery Boxes as gifts from crew members, or you can buy them for yourself for one pearl each.

How do I gift a Mystery Box? What does it cost?

Mystery Boxes are FREE to send. You can send Mystery Boxes to up to 20 crew members per day.

Click the Mystery Box icon in the lower right of the game screen MysteryBox.png, then select crew members to receive your Mystery Boxes.

Nice Art! Who's the artist?

The Wild Wrangler artist is the awesome Daniel Roper, who also did most of the artwork for Fish Wrangler.