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Wild Wrangler currently has three different animal traps available to wranglers:

Land Traps

Drop Trap

The Ol' Drop Trap is one of the original land traps. (Starts off as: 125 Strength, 1080 Durability)

Wise Trap

A wiser and stronger land trap! (Starts off as: 165 Strength, 1014 Durability)

Stone Snare

Stronger and more consistent than the old Trap. (Starts off as: 325 Strength, 2914 Durability) Unlocked at Level 27.


  • You can upgrade you trap every 20 levels. You might notice a change in appearance also. Each costs 5,000 gold and takes a amount of time from hours to days.
    • In order to purchase your first Wise Trap , you'll need to have upgraded your Drop Trap to a Max level of 40. Accordingly, once your Wise Trap is upgraded to a max level of 40, you are able to get your first Stone Snare.


Currently, Buoys and Ropes are only for Crab Nets after Lucky Basket. So you can't buy any addons for Animal Traps! Hopefully some will be made for traps in the future, so as to make it even. It's 80% Attraction max, so you may want to use Red Love chum to help boost this higher.

Coming Soon!

Snare trap