Beginner's Luck

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So now you started playing and see a bunch of

At this point you start your game by talking to Stan who says:
"Looks like you're stranded and need to earn your keep... want to go Crab Fishing or Land Trapping?" -Wild Stanislaw

Your then given a choice between a lucky basket or a drop trap, each with equal stats. Which one will you pick?

(AND don't worry about it! Later on, around Level 8, you will be able to purchase the other toy to enjoy catching what you missed!)

From here, the game follows a Easy tutorial to introduce you to the game's features. You will learn how to move around the map (with the compass & later also with red arrows), equipping chum for your new toy to catch animals or crabs, and (after some time) what happens when you use your trap or net too much!

Make sure you pay close attention to the light green arrows & text, as it hold instructions to show you the ins & outs of the game. It's really easy to start and quite a passive game, but there's also some treasure exploring, quests, and specific goals that lead to achievements to help you earn points, gold, and food along the way.

You will learn about: Items you can buy at stores later on to help you catch fish easier or upgrade equipment. There's also a soaking period for the netraps (nets & traps) that after waiting many hours untouched, allow them to catch anywhere from 2-8 fish at a time! You can also hire experienced Wild Explorers to hunt in one of three areas for 1-5 treasures!

If you have questions, check the Forums out first! Some wranglers might be asking the same questions as you, so look & read around there to see if anyone already asked and/or helped provide the answers you seek. Also, a secret team of somewhat dedicated individuals are slowly putting together some of the most commonly asked or hard questions here, so we can help everyone out! (Maybe in time, it can be you too!) Still, search around, as you might be one of the handful of people who find NEW things out for yourself that few or no one has ever seen before!

You will also see some fine details later that show the intricacies put into the game: such as special animals and crabs will only come out during either morning, night, or 3 other conditions. Some spots will also have better odds of catching fish that others, or use more energy to catch multiple fish. There's some catches that like or dislike chums too. And lastly, every type of catch has three special breeds that are EXTREMELY rare and a once in a blue moon catch! Some of them range anywhere from 1 in 10k to 1 in 100,000 chance, so if your able to get one, consider yourself LUCKY!!

Lastly, there's 4 other special nets that you might acquire and around SEVEN remote destinations that are blocked off due to dangerous animals. Soooo.. do you think you have what it takes?