Crab Nets

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Wild Wrangler currently has three different crab nets available to wranglers:

Crab Nets

The Lucky Basket

Excellent choice for beginners. (Starts off as: 125 Strength, 1080 Durability)

The Wise Kelp Net:

Built with kelp accents, this net camouflages perfectly with the ocean and attracts stronger crabs! (Starts off as: 165 Strength, 1014 Durability)

The Ole Speedy:

Ole Speedy never fails. Show off one's strength with this metal crab pot! (Starts off as: 325 Strength, 2914 Durability)

In order to purchase your Wise Kelp Net, you'll need to have upgraded your Lucky Basket to a Max level of 40. Accordingly, once your Wise Kelp Net is upgraded to a max level of 40, you are able to get your first Ole Speedy.