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Explorers - Explorers are used for finding lost treasures or items that apart of collection item sets and are worth gold. All searches produce random items but require enough knowledge to gain the item (or in the case of Wild Explorers, tech luck to make up for it!). All explorers charge a food cost per check, and the cooldown timer for the Explorer can't be in red or have happened within the time given.

You can have a Max License of 3 MAX for actively searching ; Any beyond that presents a risk of losing them.

With 5 items in a set, and 3 sets per island, there are a total of 12 treasure sets of 60 treasures to find. Wild Wrangler currently has three different explorers available to wranglers.


Wild Explorer

Wild Man is native to the island here. He has basic exploration skills. (Starts off as: 325 Knowledge, 2914 Health).

  • Because of his low basic skills, he is the only wild to establish a TECH connection to enhance his searching options when equipped.

Native Explorer

She has pretty good exploration skills. (Starts off as: 650 Knowledge, 5000 Health)

Strong Explorer

The Strong Explorer has excellent exploration skills. (Starts off as: 1200 Knowledge, 10000 Health)

Tech items

In progress

Coming Soon!

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