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WW profile: (Joe, please send Pearls here to FB, not my e-mail where I was testing)

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Wikia > Wiki (don't like white pages vs color/templates, etc)

Still waiting for a Roperia Flash map to be made in FW! :)

OhWhere OhWhere HasTheRoperia MapGoneTo.png

I think it got lost in the Ten Year Storm somewhere hmm. That is all.

List of FW Bugs to be fixed yet:

1) Collection Sets: Resources have extra 2 numbers in them. (Existed: Since collection sets were released)

(First reported: Back around March 2014, maybe earlier multiple times.)

Ex: Skin Cream. Is found here ( & earned by sets here:

When you click the resource, it will load a link that has '6969' in it or so it won't actually go to the page.

2) Duplicate Planktonite Hidden add-on image

See if you can find this one.

3) Broken Quest Set images

Mostly the new ones of Wahwahport. (Kiddie Standard + Oak Twig) but also any new ones (New Seinborough SBQ) Santa Francesca was fixed though!