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Wild Wrangler is a game created and owned by Joe Faron. It's animation uses HTML5, and can be played on most mobile devices. It's the 3rd known game created by him that was released to the public, teh first being Fish Wrangler and the second, Coral Kingdom. Wild Wrangler uses three forms of currency. Two are free (Gold & Food) and the third is a premium (Pearls) currency that can be bought using real money. Wild Wrangler contains some elements from his previous games, similar ones from other mobile ap games, and it's own unique features.

The Wild Wrangler Wiki is designed to provide information to assist in playing. Currently, it's the ONLY source of information outside of the game, and the only other being the in-game tutorial and being able to ask & read Q&A presented on the forums.

To play, go here: https://apps.facebook.com/wildwrangler

To play via e-mail, go here: https://wild-wrangler.com